Signals Program

40th Anniversary Battle of Coral/Balmoral Reunion

Operation Toan Thang
(Final Victory)


Invitation - Inside

11 May 2008 1400-1600
Signals Meet and Greet (All Signals)
at Olims Hotel.  Bar/Carton Room.

12 May 2008 1800-2100
National Reception at the Great Hall, Parliament House (All Veterans of the Battles and Partners by invitation only) hosted by the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd.
*   Security: Please allow time  to be processed.
     Suggest arriving 5-5.30pm.
*   Men: Coat, Tie and Medals (full size).
     Women:  After Five and Medals (full size).
*   Cocktail Party Format.
*   Speakers: Gen Sir Phillip Bennett and Brig Jim Shelton,
                   (CO, 1RAR and CO, 3RAR from the Battles)

13 May 2008 1000-1100
National Commemoration at Vietnam Veterans War Memorial (All Signals). 
*   Army Guard, including Centurion Tank plus 4 Guns from
     8/12 Med Regt.
*   MC: Maj Gen Morrison
*   Speaker:  Lt Gen Sir Donald Dunstan
                  (Deputy Task Force Commander, 1 ATF)
*  Banner to be carried by Bob Lowick and Allan Lohrisch
*  Wreath Laying including one by OC and SSM
13 May 2008 1830-2300
Other Corps Commemoration Dinner at Alinslie Football and Social Club (Signals - Veterans and partners)

13-16 May 2008   1RAR Group Events Townsville
(104 Sig Sqn 1RAR Radio Det)

24-25 May 2008   3RAR Group Events Canberra
(104 Sig Sqn 3RAR Radio Det from Tour)

 Signals Information Update for Attendees (2 May 2008) (PDF)

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