40th Anniversary Battle of Coral/Balmoral Reunion

Operation Toan Thang
(Final Victory)

Names of Signals Veterans at the Battles of Coral and Balmoral (PDF)

Document above was prepared and updated May 2015/2016  - If you are missing from list or believe
someone else is, contact
Denis Hare ASAP

 Signals Information Update for Attendees (2 May 2008) (PDF) 

Surname First Wife/Partner Unit Remarks Accom
Arnold Graham Maxine 104 (21C) Olims Hotel
Ball Alan Diane 104 Bally Olims Hotel
Baum John Betty 104 Olims Hotel
Bennett Malcolm Joan 104 Mal Private
Bilsby Ralph Rosemary 104 Olims Hotel
Chell Trever 110 TBA
Christie Graham Teena Lingberg 104 Carotel Motel
Clohesy Phillip Adrianne 104 Phil Olims Hotel
Crosthwaite Ian Joanne 104 Olims Hotel
Cunneen Paul Mary 104 Gunna Olims Hotel
Dawson Robert 110 Smokey Private
Dell Tassie Beth 104 Tassie South Motor Park
Ellis Dave Helen 104 Carotel Caravan Park/3RAR Reunion also
Elrington Frank 104 (Admin Officer) Olims Hotel
Fergusson Malcolm Jan 104 Bluey Carotel Caravan Park/3RAR Reunion also
Gamble Rowan Nancy 104 Stretch Carotel Caravan Park
Hare Denis Colleen 104 Rabbit Olims Hotel
Hopper Trevor Philip White 104/17 Const (Carers) Olims Hotel
Hutton Hugh Margaret 104 Scottie Olims Hotel
James Robert Rhonda 104 Huey Olims Hotel
Kiely Patrick 104 Pat Olims Hotel
Koosache John Diane 104 Suitcase Olims Hotel
Laycock Scott Beverley 104 Scotty Olims Hotel
Lohrisch Allan Sandra 104 Best Western Tall Trees Motel
Lowick Robert Sue 104 Bob South Motor Park
MacDonald John Maureen 110 Olims Hotel
McHale Lyn Frank 104 (Guest) Olims Hotel
McIntosh Raymond Noreen 110 Ray TBA
Montefiore Stanley Joy 104 Monty Olims Hotel
Munro Norm 104 (OC, 104 SVN) Private
Murray Peter Chris Moore 547 (OC, 547 SVN) Private
Orchard Graham Lorraine 110 Doc Best Western Garden City Motel
Palin Rodney Sue 104 Rod Olims Hotel
Rochester Terrence 104 Rocky Olims Hotel
Rowe Robert Lyn 104 Bob Olims Hotel
Short Ken Narelle 110 Shorty Olims Hotel
Smith Kevin Robyn 104 Kev Olims Hotel/3RAR Reunion also
Still Ron Shirley 104 Blue (SSM) North Bourne Lodge
Taylor John Barbara 104 South Motor Park/3RAR Reunion also
Tiernan David 104 TBA
Trewartha Ken Dian 547 Diplomat Motel
Twining Ken 104 (Radio Tp Comd) Olims Hotel
Wojciechowski Wally Anne 104 Wally Olims Hotel
Zagon Steve Claire 547 Private

As at 2 May 2008


Bernie Gibson, 104 Sig Sqn
Bob Parkyns, 104 Sig Sqn
David Thompson, 104 Sig Sqn
Dennis (George) Donohue, 104 Sig Sqn
Fred Hawkes, 547 Sig Tp (Health)
Gordon Sanderson, 104 Sig Sqn
Ken Cox, 104 Sig Sqn
Ken Greenwood, 104 Sig Sqn
John Hunter, 547 Sig Tp
Mal Stevens, 110 Sig Sqn
Max Hardy, 104 Sig Sqn (Health)
Peter Liddle, 104 Sig Sqn
Peter (Rosie) Thorne, 104 Sig Sqn
Rod Lumb, 104 Sig Sqn
Tom Williams, 547 Sig Tp
James Crichton, 104 Sig Sqn
 Bob Ellis, 104 Sig Sqn
(attending 3RAR Reunion only)
Gordon Robertson, 104 Sig Sqn
(attending 3RAR Reunion only)
Tom Spring, 104 Sig Sqn (
attending 3RAR Reunion only)

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