Dedicated to Signalman A. H. Young  104 Sig Sqn,  KIA at FSPB CORAL, SVN, 16 May 1968
(Never forgotten Cowboy) 

40th Anniversary Battle of Coral/Balmoral Reunion

Operation Toan Thang
(Final Victory)

Royal Australian Corps of Signals


Signals at the Battle of Coral

104 Signal Squadron and detachments from 547 Signal Troop, 110 Signal Squadron and
  53rd Signal Battalion (US Army)

104 Signal Squadron        110 Signal Squadron          547 Signal Troop          53rd Signal Battalion, US Army

The Battle of Coral and Balmoral began on 12th May 1968 and lasted until 6th June 1968.  The Battle was the largest and most sustained engagement of the Vietnam War involving Australian troops and was the first Australian all arms brigade sized operation since WW2.  25 Australians were KIA.  

Signals had one KIA and three WIA.  Signals deployment tactics changed because of the Battle resulting in Armoured Command Vehicles (ACV) to deploy equipment and signal personnel for signal sector defense, on all future deployments in Vietnam.

In May 2008, the 40th Anniversary Commemorations of the Battle occurred in Canberra and the highlight was a reception at The Great Hall, Parliament House hosted by the Prime Minister, The Honourable Kevin Rudd MP.   This was follow by a  memorial service the following day at the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial.


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